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Lost and Found

Here you will find helpful information on finding lost pets or reporting found pets. For more information, please call (607) 732-1827, Ext. 501.

Lost Pets

Have you lost a pet recently? Don't wait! Follow the steps below for the best chance for a happy reunion!

  1. Fill out a lost report by calling the Chemung County SPCA at (607) 732-1827, Ext. 501. When you call, make sure to give specifics about your animal, including the species, age, breed, sex, size, color and any distinguishing markings. Don't forget to include where the pet was lost and if it was wearing a collar or other type of identification.
  2. Then call the other local animal shelters:
  3. Send a picture of your animal to accompany your lost report to Be sure to write "Lost Pet" in the subject line of the e-mail. Be sure to include identifying details about your pet in the body of the e-mail as well as your contact information. 
  4. Visit each shelter in person to search for your animal. While filling out a lost report is the first step, it is not a substitute for visiting local shelters in person. What you describe and what shelter representatives perceive can be two different things. 
  5. Visit your neighbors to check if they have seen your lost pet or if it has been hiding in their garage or out building. 
  6. Be sure to post your lost pet on Craigslist. You can also download our "missing pet" flyer template, fill in your pet's information and then hang them up in your community. The more people who are looking for your pet, the better.
  7. Post your lost pet on the Chemung County SPCA's Facebook page. With almost 6,000 pet lovers following the organization on Facebook, getting your pet's picture out there can help your pet be found. 
  8. Continue to call the local shelters and visit regularly because new animals get brought in by Good Samaritans and our humane officers every day.
If you live close to the borders of any other county, please call and visit that county's animal shelter as well.


Found Pets

If you have found a pet, follow the below steps to help that pet find their family:

  1. Check the pet for any type or form of identification. Look for tags, including rabies, ID, microchip or a NY State License tag. If you find a tag, please call the shelter at (607) 732-1827, Ext. 501, and they can instruct you on how to proceed.
  2. If the pet does not have a tag, they may still have a microchip. The best way to find out is to take the pet to a veterinarian's office or an animal shelter that has the capability to scan the animal.
  3. Check Craigslist and local newspapers for lost pet reports.
If you are unable to keep the pet until its owner is found, take the pet to your local animal shelter. Call first, because each shelter serves different jurisdictions depending on where you live and where the animal was found.